Perry Says Hi

Welcome to my new blog!

I’m Perry, a 30 something guy who has just started to embrace technology and social media – yeah I know, I’m a bit late!

I’m looking forward to what this blog might become. I haven’t decided just yet how much I will write here or how often, but I just want to see how it goes.

I work full time as an aviation engineer so I get to work on some big toys 🙂 It’s quite a satisfying job when you see an aircraft overhead knowing I’ve had input into it.

Outside of work, I have a young family. My wife isc called Jane and together we have 2 girls and a cat.

So what brought you here? Leave me a comment below to say Hi so I know I’m not talking to myself here!

Thanks for visiting and see you soon.


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As you might have expected, I’m a bit of a plane enthusiast!

Here’s a neat compilation of planes taking off and landing. Some of which I’ve been part of the engineering team.

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